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area kristi smith with the story that has a lot of people nervous. >> reporter: i just spoke with county services and they are still trying to figure out where this student became infected with tuberculosis. they say the student has been treated and is no longer infectious. now comes the fallout from this. hundreds of students at deer valley high school in antioch will now be tested for tb after the first case reported on a contra costa county campus in four years. the 200 or so students who shared a classroom or in a club with that student will be the ones tested. the county said the case was confirmed march 25th, then the decision was made to alert families. spring break was here so it took a while to get the information out. tuberculosis is an airborne bacterial in fact of the lungs spread when someone coughs, sneezes or talks. the risk of acceleration from infection to disease is about 10%. some parents understandably concerned this morning while health services is trying to get accurate information out. >> i almost didn't let him come to school today, because everything
to the restaurant that was heavily damaged in the fire. kristi smith joins us from berkeley outside the restaurant with what it looks like today. kristi, how is the progress? >> reporter: good morning, marla. building permits have changed quite a bit since chez panisse opened, nowodes require a steel fre. frame is for seismic in an earthquake. the two-story steel frame lifted into place on shaddock avenue, hoisted over trees and bolted in place after fabrication in oakland that took two weeks. the world famous chez panisse restaurant founded by food activist with the idea that food should be fresh, sustainable and local. it was damaged by a fire that started under the porch. since then the reopen date shift add couple of times. today i'm told the looks like june 10th hopefully. getting the steel frame in place, that is a major step forward. >> we just craned in the new face of chez panisse. it's completely welded steel for structural, and it's also setp to mimic what's going to go on in the back. so everything you see in terms of the shape of the top with the gable on top, it's going to go all the
school in more than 50 years. but not everyone is happy about the big moment. nbc bay area's kristi smith joins us live in burlingame with more on the controversy. kristi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. quite a few parents we spoke to think it's a great idea. they were excited. they say enrollment is up in burlingame and they need more space. we spoke with a number of neighbors who say the location of the school is the real issue. the burlingame school district held a ground breaking this morning for hoover elementary, which they plan to have remodeled. some neighbors we spoke with have gone to court, the tight winding streets near summit drive aren't safe for kids. there aren't enough sidewalks. hoover was built in the '30s, then closed and became a temple. recently the school district bought it back and plan to reopen the school to handling the blooming enrollment, including, they say, widening the street out front and including a drop-off zone. some neighbors say there are too many unknowns. >> safe forward-looking statement have a school. you can see by the lack of si
your own bag effort. kristi smith joining us live in foster city with more about this ban. kristi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. this seems to be going pretty well. we're watching shoppers. sometimes they come running out because they forgot reusable bags in the trunk. saw one woman get a little upset because she had to pay for paper bags, but that's the way it goes starting today stores in a dozen cities will stop giving out plastic bags at smmts. if you don't bring a bag of your own, can you buy a paper bag, $0.10 apiece. sfr san francisco paid for environmental impact. they started education efforts. no more plastic in belmont, brisbane, daly city, half moon bay, menlo park, pacifica, san bruno and south san francisco. county officials say the reusable bags are just much better for the environment. one shopper she had she agreed after seeing them floating around in the breeze in her neighborhood. >> i saw a bag fly away. i like this idea. >> but you have to remember to bring all your bags when you shop. >> i put in the car. >> i think it's smart. i just think it's one
the first flight from boston landed at sfo. >> nbc bay area kristi smith joins us from the airport with her reaction from yesterday's deadly attack. good morning. >> good morning. some of these runners still have on their bright yellow boston marathon shirts, so they are pretty easy to spot in the crowd. when we spoke with them they sounded shaken up by what they saw and heard. one woman said she knew it was what it was, sounded like a will bo. one woman said right after she crossed the finish line, it went off. >> when people on the street said two bombs went off, everyone was on their phones. it reminded me of what i watched on 9/11. it was pretty scary. there were people dropping to the ground praying. there were people running all over trying to find out if their family was okay. >> i didn't run with my cell phone or anything. it would have been a mad house trying to get in touch with him and make sure he's okay. >> are you still rattled? >> yeah, i can't wait to get home. i have about a two and a half hour drive home and then i get to hug my kids. >> that's carrie who lives in corning.
was waiting for his mother to complete the race. the bombs went off and he took the worst of it. kristi smith has an update on his current condition including firsthand details coming from aaron's dad. >> reporter: students at martinez junior high are missing one of their own. frank's daughter shares a class with aaron hern. he tried to comfort her the best he could. >> this is life. things like this happen. there are good things and bad things in life. >> he suffered from shrapnel when the bomb exploded at the both marathon. he was there to cheer his mom on, katherine. his dad alan hern and on the "today" so. >> the bomb went off 15 feet from where i was. aaron and friends were much closer. >> reporter: that was when everything changed. fear, confusion, and then finding their son hurt. >> he was scared and obviously in pain. then some people came to help us pretty quickly. i'm not sure who they were. someone brought a tourniquet with a belt to help us. it wasn't bleeding heavily. it didn't look good, like a war wound. they got him to the hospital quickly. >> his father said he's resting comf
. the result, a traffic nightmare. kristi smith joins us from outside oracle arena. you beat the crowds and have the best seat in the house. >> absolutely. front row seats. i guess you could say they rolled out the blue carpet for all the warriors fans out here tonight. inside i have to tell you every chair, 20,000 of them, has a new warriors playoff t-shirt on it. if steve can pan over, right across the way, a's bats heating up tonight. you've got fans, but for one group out tonight they see it as a real opportunity to show support to keep the warriors in oakland. this city hall decked out in pride for red hot warriors in the playoffs. at the arena and coliseum tonight, it will be about as busy as it gets because the a's are playing, too. parking, $30 a pop and inside the complex security is tight. >> the oakland police department has stepped up security for tonight's event, so they have asked our explosive detective canines to do a sweep of the facility and we'll have bomb technicians on site the entire time. >> they will face nuggets. many worry about the health of his ankle and keep
for the state could be huge. nbc bay area's kristi smith joins us live in san lorenzo in front of a lucky tore people are flocking to. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. this store produced five lottery millionaires. the manager said he knew it would be hopping today, people getting powerball tickets. they have three of their four machines cranking out powerball tickets. he said some people started quite early. it was a long night waiting in the cold to be first. when the door swung up, he had a sign to prove his place in lottery history. >> it's fun. i just did it because i've never done anything like this before. i've never waited all night for anything. i just want to be able to say, win or lose, that, hey, i got the first powerball tibet at cavanaugh. >> cavanaugh liquors produced several lottery millionaires. now the faithful hope luck will run off as california becomes the 43rd state to join powerball. >> you've got to think about it. it's $2 a ticket. normally we've got to think about and make sure everybody understands that. >> reporter: he opened up with jackpot st
students about safety. that's the latest from here, reporting live in san lorenzo, kristi smith, nbc bay area news. >>> other news into our newsroom, improv comedian jonathan winters has died. a family friend said winters died last night at his santa barbara area home of natural causes. winters was a master of improvisational comedy with a grab bag of eccentric personalities and facial expressions and impressions. he hosted the jonathan winters show in the '50s. winters was 87 years old. >>> now to a developing international story on the korean peninsula. secretary of state john kerry in south korea this morning as concern grows about north korea intending to launch a test missile. we're now learning more about the potential capability of those missiles. nbc's jim mecada has more from seoul. >> a strategy dead in the water for the last five years or so before he heads to beijing tomorrow. there's been a ratcheting up of tension overnight. this time not from yongbyon but washington. the intelligence agency concluded north korea probably does have the ability now to arm a ballistic missile
of the market here. $1.95 million. a beautiful ranch. >> kristy smith listed this, the listing agent with this property. and it is a really amazing home. what we're seeing is the longer market times with these luxury homes. some of the homes used to be selling in five, ten, into the teens of millions. and now they have come down substantially. the upper end buyers are the last ones to come out of the closet after this long recession. >> but that tells you just what you said earlier. at the lower end or the mid price. a tennis court. riding stables, i'm told and an inground pool. isn't that gorgeous? >> that's a really good deal for that home. >> i got up this morning and it was 28 degrees. i'm so jealous. what you said is really true. at levels you are having these bidding wars. some of the higher ends are taking a little longer to come back. that's why that one was on the market a little longer. >> different places around the country, a million dollars is not the low end but here it is. people will shake their heads but that is the state of the economy. we have got really booming ec
is undergoing a mentally valuation. "today in the bay's" kristy sch smith is talking to "today in the bay." >>> in san jose, a police officer is injured after a burglary suspect hit him with a car near the hp pavilion. officers say the suspect had broken into a car when he was caught in the act by the person he was trying to steal from. the victim chased the suspect down the street until he jumped into a four-door integra, sped out on to the street and hit an officer who was doing traffic control. the officer's leg was injured. it was broken. the suspect is still on the loose. we will have live reports on both overnight incidents coming up at 6:45. >> compromise on a couple of controversial issues could come up for a vote. those two issues, immigration and gun control. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington, d.c. with a look at the challenges ahe ahead. good morning. >> let's talk immigration first. marco rubio has tried to put himself out front on this. he was on seven different talk shows over the weekend talking about this bill we expect to come out tomorrow that he says
to smuggling a hit list out of jail. kristy sn christie smith is live. >> reporter: lawyers for the state are expected to be here in san francisco a little later this morning to say that attorney lorna brown should effectively be disbarred from practicing law for allegedly smuggling this hit list from jail from her client, a list of people that were apparently marked for death or intimidation. she is a former attorney for the once leader of the black organization in oakland. brown has admitted she took his hand written notes after meeting him in jail in 2010. the people on this list were witnesses against bay. that, according to the article. he was convicted for murdering chauncey bailey and two other men. she said she thought the papers she obtained were only love letters to his girlfriend and sermons. the list ended up in the car of a felon who called himself bay's number one soldier. she faces an ethics violation. the trial today should determine what her punishment is. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >>> it is 5:04. things are starting to get back
at 11:00. aaron's father tell us what happened at the scene of the blast. we'll hear from kristi smith live. lcome back to "today." we're playing who knew? tomorrow marks the 28th annual rockened roll hall of fame ceremony. kathie lee is across the street th our crowd. she's ready to hand out a hundred buc to those who get the answer right. and those who don't, get a copy of her cd. carlos greer is with me, writer and reporter for "people." hello, carlos. you wanted to clarify something, because we did talkbout "people," and explain to me. >> i just want to say it was a tough and difficult decision deciding what is going to go on the cover. the issue that comes out, by the time it is issue is out on friday it hits news stands. we understand readers will be coming to us for someort of escape, but thiss the one we wento with the northeast. >> are we ready to play? >> i'm rry, but i still feel the way i felt, but he's a lovely young man. you're from albuquerqu this group was indidied in 1988, but three of its four members have been so -- >> that would the beatles. >> all right. >> give i
on the bridge. kristi smith joins us live in oakland where she just got out of that meeting. kristi, what did they say? >> reporter: good morning, marla. we're getting ideas how they plan to repair the bolts bolts on the new span of the bay bridge. they narrowed it down to two options. they didn't pick one. they do say hydrogen was one of the problems that caused these bolts to fail in the first place. there's still a question of why the hydrogen was present. that's what we discussed with the hydrogen oversight committee. one is a steel collar that would hold a seismic device in place. option two is what they call a steel saddle. a contractor has placed a steel order for both of them. the fabricator is on the island. 280 high-strength steel rods. they were installed. in march, 32 of them broke under tension. that steel painted in 2008 and hydrogen made them too brittle. a second batch in 2010 held up. it held up for two weeks. the problem is they need to stand for decades. they were supposed to be identical and custom. >> sort of bought out of the catalog, instead of being tailor made. they a
who was there in boston and was injured. reporting live at sfo, christie smith, "today in the bay." >>> thank you, kristy. our own terry mcsweeney touched down at boston early this morning. he will have reports all morning long starting at 6:00. >>> we will, of course, continue to follow developments surrounding the investigation. investigators as we mentioned earlier will hold a news conference with the latest details in an hour and a half now. we will take you live to boston when that happened. >>> closer to home to breaking news in the south bay. tragically, a little girl is dead. a toddler is injured after a fire in san jose's japan town. that fire broke out in a detached building next to a home on north fifth street where the girls were apparently sleeping. "today in the bay's" marla tallez is live at that scene. she has the latest information. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are right in the heart of japan town in between empire and jackson street. in fact, we are right across the street from the japanese-american museum of san jose. the captain on scene just tel
he might be returning home. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kristy. nbc will have much more ahead when the "today" show starts. we are also updating our website around the clock with the latest information. for updates any time you want them, head over to our home page, nbc bay and search boston. >>> time to update us on the forecast as we give you a live look. san francisco, a nice bay area morning. things are going to warm up. meteorologist, rob mayeda, in for christina this morning. we don't really have the sea breeze or the low clouds. what we do have is high pressure and almost summerlike strength over the bay area. it has cleared out our skies. our morning temperatures have been plenty mild. san jose, to the south and east toward campbell. we can see clear skies there. look at fairfield inland. 57, san jose. from here, the temperatures are going to be rapidly climbing up. at times for the first half of the day, we are going to see the winds pointing towards the ocean. a slight offshore breeze warming up our temperatures. summerlike air qual
. "today in the bay's" christie smith, live at the oakland coliseum, where that game didn't let out until almost 2:00 a.m. this morning. kristy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon and marla. this started on a monday night and ended on a tuesday morning. if you see dazed a's fans, you know why. this ended at 1:40 this morning, the longest ever for the oakland a's. the long have the ever at the coliseum. 19 innings. so long that b.a.r.t. trains at the coliseum had stopped running. finally, brandon moss put a stop to it hitting a walk-off two-roun homer to win it with a 10-8 victory over the angels. a's kept fighting, losing two center fielders, coco crisp and chris young. the angels lost a center fielder. moss brought it home and had a different kind of celebration. >> jerome williams for them. hang on a second. >> he gave himself a pie. how about that? >> reporter: he actually pied himself and said, josh reddick was too tired to do it. longest game for the a's since 1972. that one was against the white sox. this game overnight actually went 32 minutes longer. reporting live in oa
. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live with oakland with what the game means for the state and for you. good morning, kristy. >> good morning to you guys. i bet those lucky lottery retailers are going to be very busy today. powerball starts at $40 million which is bigger than the super lotto and people are very excited. we had a couple of questions. we thought we would speak with a financial adviser this morning on what to do, how to play and your odd s really aren't that good. >> about 1 in 175 million that you are going to win. >> what sorts of things should you keep in mind? >> well, certainly, think about retirement. there was a recent survey done, 20% of the workers out there don't feel they have enough money to retire. it is the highest it has been since the beginning of the survey. inflation, you may remember buying gas. i remember buying gas in the '80s in fremont. inflation is a big part of retirement and health care costs. they could be $250,000 for a married couple these days. >> i would think when you are talking millions and millions and millions of dollars, yo
more lady. she has spot number two when the doors open. reporting live in san lorenzo, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> that's serious dedication. that poor woman was like, don't show me. if you don't play, you can't win. kristy, you are third in line. >>> meteorologist, christina loren? >> she might be in your car just to stay out of that wind. you know what, unless like that wind swept look, ladies, don't even bother doing your hair today because it is going to be pumping all day long. san francisco, we clocked the highest wind gusts of the morning, so far, 75 miles per hour in san francisco. no word on flight delays just yet. we will let you know if those come in. i can tell you right now, the wind is fierce enough to force flight delays throughout the morning. i wanted to point out where we are getting the strongest gusts, just like usual at the immediate coast where we lack that fraction. even right at the surface, really strong winds. that will continue throughout the day today. you are sustained at 22 miles per hour now. in san jose, 12 miles per hour. in livermore, 24 mi
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)